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Saints In The City- A Bruce Springsteen Tribute:

Saints In The City is not just a tribute band; it's a passionate and authentic celebration of the music and spirit of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. With a dedicated group of musicians and a front man who channels the energy and charisma of "The Boss" himself, The Saints recreate the classic Springsteen concert experience for fans old and new.

Robert Santa takes center stage as the heart and soul of this tribute band. With his gravelly vocals, boundless energy, he not only sounds like Springsteen but also embodies his passion for storytelling through music. Robert’s performances are electrifying, and his commitment to delivering every song with the same intensity and emotion as Springsteen himself is what sets Saints In the City apart from all the other tributes.  Backing Robert up is an equally talented group of seasoned musicians - Christopher Duval, Thomas Visconti, Matt Kutner, Danny Weltman & Johnny Pisano, who bring the timeless sounds of the original E Street Band to life. With a dynamic combination of Piano, Glockenspiel, The Federici B3 organ tone, Guitars, and of course the “Big-Man” saxophone sound, they recreate the unforgettable arrangements that have become synonymous with Springsteen's legendary live shows.

The band covers Springsteen's extensive catalog, including hits like "Born to Run," "Dancing in the Dark," "Thunder Road," “The Promised Land” and so many more. Audience members will find themselves transported to the heartland of America, where working-class anthems and epic tales of love and loss take center stage. 

Whether you're a lifelong Springsteen fan or someone looking to experience the magic of "The Boss" for the first time, Saints In the City is the ultimate choice for an authentic Bruce Springsteen tribute. They bring the power, the energy, and the heart of Springsteen's music to every stage they grace, leaving audiences with a sense of connection and shared spirit that's at the core of the Springsteen experience…..Get ready to be transported to the heartland, where every night is a celebration of the rock 'n' roll spirit that defines a generation.

Tom Visconti



LEAD VOCALS, Harmonica

Christopher Duval

Sax, Keyboards, Percussion & Vocals

Matt Kutner

Keyboards & Vocals

Danny Weltman

Guitars & Vocals

Johnny pisano

Bass & Vocals