The Cape May Convention Hall Stage will come alive with an exciting tribute for two of the world’s greatest legendary icons... THE BOSS AND THE KING!

The Boss is still going strong, thrilling audiences worldwide. Elvis is long gone but he needs no explanation to why his legacy lives on and he remains The King.

THE BOSS and THE KING captures it all - CHARISMA, EXCITEMENT, ENERGY, PASSION, and CONNECTION with the fans. It all comes together to draw you into this one-of-a-kind experience, capturing the true essence of an Elvis and Bruce live performance.

You will leave feeling EXHILARATED, AMAZED and PUMPED by the riveting performance and portrayals by SAINTS IN THE CITY “The Bruce Springsteen Live Experience” and Elvis Tribute artist, RICHIE SANTA with his 10-piece band.

Both shows will be locked and loaded with an amazing finale.

If you have never seen Elvis or Bruce live, GET READY BECAUSE THIS SHOW IS A MUST!