Meet Saints in the City

Saints In The City

Band Members

Joey Thompson - Lead Vocals & Guitar

Christopher Duval - Saxophone, Keyboards & Vocals

Tom Visconti - Drums

Johnny Pisano - Bass Guitar/Vocals

Matt Kutner - Keyboards & Vocals

Joe DellaCroce - Guitar & Vocals

Joey Thompson

Lead Vocals & Guitar

Instruments: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano, Vocals

Favorite Bruce Song: Incident On 57th Street

Favorite TV show:
At the moment - The Mandolorian
All Time - The Office

Favorite Movie:  Schindler's List

Musical Influences: It begins and ends with U2, but along the way Prince, Tom Petty, Frank Turner, Bon Jovi, The Ramones.

Favorite Song: Ultraviolet (Light My Way) is the greatest song ever.

Favorite Quote: “I've heard writers talk about 'discovering a voice,' but for me that wasn't a problem.  There were so many voices that I didn't know where to start.” - Sam Shepard

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Tom Visconti


Instrument: Drums

Favorite Bruce Song: Streets of Philadelphia

Favorite TV show: NYPD Blue

Favorite Movie: Rocky

Musical Influences: Buddy Rich, Steve Gadd, and Stuart Copeland

Favorite Song: Don't Stop Believing

Favorite Quote: “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.” - Babe Ruth

Christopher Duval

Saxophone, Keyboards & Vocals

Instruments: Saxophone, Keyboards

Favorite Bruce Song: Independence Day

Favorite TV show: 24

Favorite Movie: Blues Brothers

Musical Influences: The Police, U2, REM, Peter Gabriel, Yes, Kansas, Jackson Browne, Tom Waits

Favorite Song: Bridge Over Troubled Water

Favorite Quote: "When I was younger I wanted to be older. Now I am older, I am not so sure." - Tom Waits

Matt Kutner

Keyboards & Vocals

Instrument: StudioLogic Numa Compact 2 & Nord Electro 6D

Favorite Bruce Song: Backstreets

Favorite TV Show: American Idol and the Voice

Favorite Movie: Goodfellas, Blinded By The Light and Almost Famous

Musical Influences: Beatles, Bruce, Elton, Billy and Journey.

Favorite Song: Too Many to List

Favorite Quote: "Adaptability insures survivability"

Johnny pisano


Instrument: Bass

Favorite Bruce Song: Let me think on this one.

Favorite TV show: Hmmm

Favorite Movie: ???

Musical Influences: so many 

Favorite Song: I'll let you know in a minute

Favorite Quote: one second don't rush me. 

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Joe Dellacroce

Guitar and Bass

Instruments: Guitar, Bass, Vocals

Favorite Bruce Song: Tie between Atlantic City, Land of Hope and Dreams and Adam Raised A Cain. Oh...and...Ghost. Wait...and Night, which is a new favorite. Wait...there's also...

Favorite TV show:
Modern Family

Favorite Movie:  Godfather

Musical Influences: Elvis started it all for me. But as time went on, so did experiences. The influences are many and still evolving.

Favorite Song: Can't say there's one favorite.

Favorite Quote: “...that's what she said."